If You Use Venmo Please Read

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November 5, 2018
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November 12, 2018
Vemo Security

I’m writing this article primarily because I only recently discovered that my friends and family who use Venmo was not aware of this feature which exposes some details of your transactions to your contacts who also use Venmo.

Here’s the jist of it; If you use Venmo, your transaction history is shared in what equates to a feed. Almost like your LinkedIn or Facebook feed. For example, if you were in my contacts on my phone, and you also used Venmo, I might see in my Venmo app feed that says “Gennie Gray paid money to Bob Edwards”. The significant thing is that there might be some financial transactions that you might not necessarily want everyone in your contacts to know about! Below are some sanitized screenshots;

The one on left shows the transaction feed. This is more of a privacy issue than an actual security issue, but since over the last week none of my associates who use the tool was aware, I figured I’d do a PSA. On the right is basically the critical step where you can decide if the transaction you were doing will be public or not. I recommend turning off the feature altogether. This is basically when you are doing the action of paying someone. The option is all the way at the bottom.


If you’ve got friends or family who use the app. Please share, just so they’re aware and are able to disable the feature.